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S40/S60 / Volvo / Replacing front brake discs

S40/S60 / Volvo / Replacing front brake discs

Difficulty: EasyLabor: 40 minutes hrsService Interval: 30,000

This is a tutorial on how to replace the front brake pads and discs on your Volvo S40 or V40 1995 to 2004, it’s quite easy and simple. Let’s start!

Jack up your car.
Make sure that it is secured and steady.

Remove the front wheel.
Use the 12mm spanner to remove the bolts. In case they rotate freely secure the inner part with a 15mm spanner.

Remove the caliper.
So you’d be able to remove the brake pads.

Pick the 15mm spanner
in order to remove the two bolts which secure the caliper holder from behind, and remove the caliper holder. All old parts should be out by now.

Insert the new brake disc.
Then re-install the caliper holder, secure the two bolts well. Then wind the piston in place to get some space to fit the new pads.

Now insert the new brake pads in place.
Make sure that you install the one with the little metalic bit onto the rear, while having the metalic bit on the lower side.

For the final step,
re-install the caliper bolts securely and then re-install the wheel back on and you’re done!


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