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IS300 / Lexus / Remove Clutch Dampening Device (CDD)

IS300 / Lexus / Remove Clutch Dampening Device (CDD)

Difficulty: MediumLabor: 1 hrsParts Cost: $7-$20Service Interval: N/A

The CDD installed on IS300s with a manual transmission was added to make it “easier” and smoother to drive. For people with a lot of experience driving a manual or intend to drive race/track your car this mod is a must. (It makes heel-toe MUCH easier)


Locate the Clutch Dampening Device (CDD).
It is located on the drivers-side, next to the firewall.
Place a cloth under the CDD and the lines that run into it.
You DO NOT want to get any fluid on paint or other surfaces.
Unscrew the two lines that enter the right and left side of the CDD.
There should not be much, if any, fluid that drips out of the lines.
Unscrew the bolts that hold the CDD to the car frame.
Be careful when you pick up the CDD because fluid will probably drip out.

Replace the CDD w/ the brake union connector.
Screw the two lines back into their respective ends. Make sure you do not over tighten/strip these screws. You could remove the internals of the CDD but since it is so much more work and the union connector is much cheaper and cleaner I am not even going to cover how to do that here.
Bleed the clutch fluid.

Bleed Clutch – Lexus IS300

Put car back together.
Reverse the steps…

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