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RALLYCROSS E30 – Pt. 2 – Game Plan

RALLYCROSS E30 – Pt. 2 – Game Plan

Look at that Shiny New Hood Shock! No more broom sticks holding up this hood :).

Now that I have the car out of storage I can take stock off all the work that needs to be done to it. Top priority is to get it running and reliable. Every forum and article I have read about building a RallyCross car always leads with the advice of making reliability the highest priority. After attending my first RallyCross and doing some ride-a-longs, I can see why they say that :). You need to feel confident to push and beat on your car.


After general maintenance / reliability, will come suspension. It is currently setup with VERY stiff / low springs. Which is not want you want in the dirt. Then we should be ready to armor it up with some skid-plates and get it dirty. There are a tons of other little things along the way ( as you will see ) but these are the main highlights.

Phase 1 – Maintenance / Reliability

  • Fuel Filter
  • Fuel Lines – ( Rubber looks to be very cracked and leaking )
  • Fuel Tank Filler – Again looks to be cracked
  • New Gibo / Flex Disc
  • Tires – ( Going to put some All seasons on the stock basket weaves… still not sure which one to go with so please chime in… )
  • Mount seats and Harnesses –  ( borrowed the seats from the car for other projects over the years 🙂 )
  • Axle boots
  • Hood Shock [DONE]
  • Flush Coolant
  • Bleed Brakes
  • Fix A/C – ( This is more of a Safety issue than a luxury here in Texas… )
  • Plugs and Wires
  • Clean out old gas – Make sure there is no gunk to clog anything


Phase 2 – Suspension / Steering

  • Springs – Going back to the Stock 325is springs
  • Strut Tower Mounts – Again, going to back to new stock
  • Softer Urethane bushings – Found the softest I could that were not rubber
  • Power steering is leaking
  • Front Control Arm bushings
  • Rear sway bar supports ( may go to a smaller bar or disconnect it )


Phase 3 – Exterior / Armor

  • Front Skid Plate
  • Rear Skid Plate
  • Fix Peeling paint and Rust areas ( maybe plasti dip it if I get the itch )
  • Tuck and paint bumpers
  • Braided Brake lines ( might get pushed to Phase 4 )


Phase 4 – Performance / Tuning [TBD]

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