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BMW / e46 / Change Spark Plugs

BMW / e46 / Change Spark Plugs

Difficulty: EasyLabor: .75 hrsService Interval: 60,000

Did you know that BMW recommends replacing the spark plugs on E46 models every 100,000 miles and every 60,000 miles on M3 E46 models? Well, in this DIY, I’ll be showing you how to replace your BMW Spark plugs without destroying your wallet or even breaking a sweat. It’s quiet easy, so shall we begin?


Spark Plugs
Best Quality Bosch 4417 Platinum $49.68
*Please let us know if you find a better part or price.

Open the cabin micro-filter cover and start removing the micro-filter.
You can do this by unscrewing the 4 Torx screws which you’ll find in the micro-filter housing.

Remove the microfilter housing.
Snap off the 4 clips that hold the 2 cables in the front of the housing. Then ease out the 2 cables from the clips and lift off the micro-filter housing.

Remove the Coils.
Remove the two 10mm nuts, you’ll find them at the top left and bottom right of the coil. Then pull up the silver clip, which is located at the bottom of the coil, with your fingers and gently ease out the connector. Now the coil will be free to be lifted out.

Remove the Spark Plugs.
Use your spark plug socket with at least a 6″ extension bar to remove the plugs and replace with the new one. Tighten the plugs until it’s firmly tight. Here is a good write up on torque specs:

Repeat the procedure for the 6 plugs.
Put everything back on and then you’re done!



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