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BMW E46 How to Change Oil and Filter

BMW E46 How to Change Oil and Filter

Difficulty:  Easy
Labor:  1 hour hrs
Parts Cost:  $ 50
Service Interval:   N/A

BMW recommends changing your oil every 15,000 miles. In this DIY, I’ll be showing you how to do it yourself. Let’s get started!

BMW E-46 1999-2006


Remove the oil filter cover and O rings.  

Use a 10mm Socket to remove the oil filter cover, then lift up and pull out the cover. Take off the old oil filter element and remove the large black rubber O Ring from the filter cap, then remove the 2 small black rubber O Rings from the bottom end of the cap.

Lubricate the O Rings and then the Oil filter element.  

Take the new large O Ring, and lubricate it with the new oil and fit it back to the oil filter over. Then take the 2 smaller O Rings and also lubricate them then fit them back on. Now, lubricate the entire oil filter element, fit it back onto the cover and fit it back in to the engine.

Tighten oil filter element.  

Tighten oil filter element to the number it says on the cap, using the Torque Wrench.

Raise the car on Jack Stands.  

You could use four for perfect support, or anyway you like it.

Remove the Sump Plug,  

Remove the Sump Plug. You can do this by using a 17mm Socket. The oil will now start draining. Once you take out the Sump Plug, the old dirty oil will pour out, this process may take up to 20 minutes. When the drainage is done, fit the copper gasket ring on, fit it back on the sump and tighten it.

Open the Oil Cap  

Open the Oil Cap by twisting it half way to the left and then pulling it straight out. Then fill the cap with a funnel and pour in around 4.5 bottles of oil.

Wait for around 5 minutes then check oil.  

and pull out the dipstick, wipe it with a tissue until it’s dry, then re-insert it back into the hole.
Wait for another 30 seconds and then pull it out again and check if the oil level is correct. Keep adding oil until it reaches the correct level.

Remove from jacks and check oil pressure light.  

Lower the car and remove the Jack Stands, then to make sure everything’s as it should be, start the car and ensure the oil pressure light goes off within a couple of seconds. If it does not, turn off the engine immediately and check the oil level again.
And you’re done!


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