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IS300 / Lexus / Bleed Clutch

IS300 / Lexus / Bleed Clutch

Difficulty: Very EasyLabor: 1 hrsParts Cost: $7-$20Service Interval: 100,000

Clutch fluid (like brake fluid) will break down over time. It is a good idea to bleed it more frequently if you drive hard or race

Jack up the front of the car and place jack stands under it.
If you are using a floor jack, you can place the jack under the front, in the middle, on the metal plate (all the rest is plastic covered). Place the jack stands on the frame just behind the front wheels (NOT where the spare tire jack would go).
Under the drivers-side of the car, remove the necessary screws that enable you to remove or pull out of the way the plastic crap.
(about 5/6 screws). Some of these are not conventional screws, but fasteners that require a “unscrew” then a “pop”.
Pull the cap off the clutch reservoir.
(mounted to the firewall, behind the CDD)

Go under the car and hook up the bleeder hose to the bleeder screw.
If you bought the $50 pump bleeder tool…life is easy. If you bought the $6 gravity bleeder…life is harder.

Loosen the bleeder screw.
This will bleed the line, being sure never to let the reservoir empty. You will suck down a good portion of a new bottle of fluid (uses brake fluid). Tighten the bleeder screw and remove your bleeder hose.
Put all the plastic back on and lower your car.
Reverse removal steps…

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